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The question that is on your mind – that I HOPE is on your mind right now – is this:

Does the How to File a VA Claim Training Package Work?

I spent a long time coming up with how to build this training package.

I wanted to build something that showed the greatest number of Veterans what I would do if I had the chance to build their claim from the ground up.

But I had to test the information, first.

I couldn’t just put it “out there” and hope that all these lessons I’ve learned over the past 7 years will magically help you.

So, I have been sharing my method with Veterans over the years, to see if they can achieve the same kind of results that I want YOU to achieve.

Here’s one story I want to tell you.

A couple years ago, a young man named Massimo contacted me.

He needed help getting started filing a VA Claim for his Dad – a Vietnam Veteran with cancer caused by Agent Orange exposure.

His Dad never gone to the VA before, and they sure needed the financial help that VA compensation might provide.

I spent some time with him, talked on the phone, and sent him a few emails.

Those emails are the outline of the very process I teach in the “How to File a VA Claim” Video.

A little under a year later, he wrote me this email:

“Chris, I just wanted to write to let you know that your assistance in this matter was unbelievably helpful.  

Because of your outline, we were able to apply and receive full disability benefits from the VA.

He feels taken care of and respected. That’s a big thing. 

But really, as his son, I just want to thank you for giving me guidance in a trying time – even though you didn’t know me at all.

Dealing with cancer is hard enough and scary enough for a family, and throwing my father’s time in Vietnam on top of it can seem like something too hard to climb.

There’s not very much information out there on this issue, and you simply walking me through the steps and processes gave me great confidence in moving forward to file a claim.”

So for Massimo, my “How to File a VA Claim” process worked.

But will it work for you?

My answer to that question is my favorite “lawyer answer” of all time:

It Depends.

If you think that this training package is going to guarantee that you will win your VA claim, than NO, it won’t work.

I don’t make that guarantee – NOBODY can make that guarantee.

If someone tries to make that guarantee, run far away.  Fast.

But ….

If you think my process is going to help your organize your claim and have a structured approach to gathering your evidence, then YES it will work.

If you think my process can help you present your claim to the VA in a way that sets you apart from 95% of the Veterans out there, then YES, it will work.

If you think my process will educate you so you can keep tabs on what your VSO is – or is not – doing, then YES, it will work.

If you think my process will help you be a better attorney, advocate or Veterans Service Officer, then YES, it will work.

Click here to see a short 2 minute excerpt of this 1 hr Training Video


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