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There is a lot of information packed into the How to File a VA Claim Training Module.

My wife – who is not a Veteran, but curses like a sailor – watched it right before it released.  Her response:

“That’s a shit-ton of information you’re sharing in that video.”

Frankly, many of you will be overwhelmed if you try to watch and learn it all in one sitting.

So for those of you that don’t want to purchase the WHOLE training module all at once  (that option is always available by clicking here)…….

…..I’ve broken the training down into a 3 Month Training Plan to deliver you the information in a way that you can best digest – and use – it.

Here’s how the Subscription Plan works:

→ You pay a single amount each month for 3 months.

→ Every month, after you make your payment, I will make the next step of the training available to you.

→ After you’ve made the 3 payments, the training is yours to use as long as you’d like.

And, frankly, the monthly payments for the 3 Month Subscription are a little more accessible for those of us on a fixed budget.

Here’s how the 3 Month Training Plan Breaks Down:

After you make your first payment on the 3 Month Training Plan, you will set up your login and password to your online account…no more downloading massive videos and books.

It’s all available in one page.

When you log in, you’ll see this screen:

How to File a VA Claim 3 Month Training Plan


….each month after you make your monthly subscription payment, you will get access to the next month’s content.

You get all the same content as if you purchased the How to File a VA Claim Training Modules in a single unit – and you will have access to it as long as you like.

Ready to Purchase “How to File a VA Claim”?

→   Click here to learn 2 different ways to Get Access to “How to File a VA Claim Training.

Need to learn more?

→    Click here to see a short 2 minute excerpt of this 1 hr Training Video

→   Watch this Video and Learn More about the VA Claim Map.

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