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Imagine this scene for a minute….

I was a brand new “Butter Bar”  (2nd Lieutenant) in the Army doing a 3 month stint at Ft. Bragg, NC…..

…my buddy (another 2nd Lieutenant) and I were out in the North Carolina boonies in one of those old Army pickups, running some supplies out to a remote bivouac for a unit on a Field Training Exercise….

….on the way back, the truck overheated and died….right behind an old country farmhouse.

An old man … an Old country boy from the Deep South … came out from the house to see if he could help.

He started mumbling something about the woods being “drier than a popcorn fart” (whatever the heck THAT meant!) while he looked under the hood at our steaming hot engine.

Slowly, he shuffled off to his chicken house, came out with an egg…

….poured it into the radiator and sent us on our way.

Turns out you CAN fix a radiator leak with an egg.

But only for a short time – it will get your car running, but it will screw up the radiator for good.

Same thing in your VA claims….

….there’s a lot of people out there with tips and tricks and pointers and ideas.

Many of these are MacGyver type solutions – or what I call Duct Tape solutions.

They will teach you things that might be the thing you need to hold your claim together in a pinch.

But if you try to build a VA Claim on tips and tricks, you stand a good chance of screwing things up in your claim for good.

“Duct Tape” solutions and “MacGyver Tricks” aren’t going to get your claim problems fixed.

What you NEED is a REAL solution.

The “How to File a VA Claim” Training Modules gives you that REAL solution – in several different ways.

First, it gives you the “VA Claim Map”.

This is NOT a form you send to the VA.

It’s your personal “cheat-sheet” to making sure you are building a logical – and complete – claim.

It’s your personalized guide to make sure you know exactly what evidence you need, and where you can get it.

When I filed my own VA Claim, I used the VA Claim Map to keep me organized.

And to this day, my Case Development Teams use the VA Claim Map (albeit in a digitized format in our unique Case Management Software) to make sure that we have all the proof we need before finalizing our client’s appeals.

But I’m also going to give you WAY more than just a VA Claim Map.

I’ve broken the process of filing a VA Claim down into 8 basic steps for you to follow while filing your VA Claim…..

I’m going to give you a 45+ minute video, a workbook (with more than a dozen forms, templates, guides, checklists, etc), and 4 Veterans Law Guidebooks.

Ready to Learn How to Use the VA Claim Map?

→   Click here to learn 2 different ways to Get Access to “How to File a VA Claim Training.

Need to learn more?

→    Click here to see a short 2 minute excerpt of this 1 hr Training Video

→   Watch this Video and Learn More about the VA Claim Map.

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