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If you google the term “How to File a VA Claim”, one of the results that comes up on the first page is a national VSO (Veterans Service Organization) that files claims for disabled Veterans.

On the page that comes up, here are the steps that this NATIONAL Veterans Disability advocate teaches Veterans to follow when applying for VA Benefits:

AMVETS how to file a VA Claim

This, my friends, is why many of your claims are stuck in the VA Claims Backlog.

Because YOU are dependent on a VSO (or NSO) to do your work for you:

If the VSO doesn’t do quality work, you will NOT get a quality result.

If they don’t know how to do the work, your claim will sit…..and sit…and sit…

Ask yourself these questions:

→ When was the last time that my VSO representative initiated a phone call to tell me the status of my claim?

→ When was the last time that my VSO representative helped me prepare for a C&P Exam?

→ When was the last time that my VSO representative laid out the Roadmap of my VA Claim, and their strategy for getting my claim through the Hamster Wheel?

I bet it has been a long time.

There is a BETTER Way to File Your VA Claim.

I’m not here to bash VSOs – there are some really good ones out there.

What I am here to do is to teach you what I – as a disabled Veteran AND an accredited VA Attorney since 2007 –  fervently believe:

YOU Have the Power to Get YOUR VA Claim out of the Hamster Wheel.

I believe that the single greatest reason that Veterans wait on VA Decisions is that the Veteran is never taught how to TAKE CONTROL of their VA Claim and get it done right.

It’s the reason that I started writing the Veterans Law Blog in 2007:

because I believe that most Veterans are sufferingly through endless delay because they have never been giving the tools to KNOW what goes in to filing a VA Claim.

What if YOU Had the Power to Handle Your Own VA Claim?

What if YOU Knew:

→ How to Prepare to File the Claim (Gather and fill out the right forms, etc).

→ Start Mapping Each Medical Condition in your Claim with the VA Claim Map

→ Get your Military Service Records, and Military Service Medical Records

→ Gather and Organize all the Necessary Medical Records.

→ Gather the RIGHT kind of Lay Evidence for your claim.

→  Organize and Assemble Your Evidence

→ Persuasively argue your claim based on all the evidence you compiled?

→ How to Prepare for Your C&P Exams?

Here’s What Would Happen in Your VA Claim.

→ If you wanted to handle your claim yourself, your claims would be decided a lot quicker.

→ If you still wanted your VSO to handle your claim, you would know how to check up on the VSO and make sure that they were PROPERLY developing your VA Claim.

When you are ready to have that kind of Power in Your Veterans Disability Claims, click here to get access to your “How to File a VA Claim” Membership Account and the “How to File a VA Claim Training Modules.”

How to File a VA Claim

For those of you on fixed budgets, there are 2 Ways to Purchase:


How to File a VA Claim – 3 Month Subscription


How to File a VA Claim – Get the Training All At Once

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