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To answer that question, I asked some of the folks that are USING the modules….here are the questions I asked and the answers they sent back to me…..

How Did the “How to File a VA Claim” Training Help You in Your VA Claim?

The section on the work-plan was well thought out, presented in a manner which makes sense, and helps keep you on track.

Veteran from Sarasota, FL

A good checklist to ensure each claim has all essential elements and in a logical order.

Veteran from Kissimmee, FL

These modules are like a recipe. They give you a way to attack the problem, but they also allow you to make it fit your personnel situation. Also you are shown a way to organize all of the documents that your claim will generate.

Veteran from Spokane, WA

Obtained my C file,DBQs,lay evidence and Drs nexus opinions. VFW rep did not mention any of these gold star pieces of evidence.

Veteran from Ft. Mitchell, KY

Not only did it teach me things about how to fix my claim and show me things that I should have been told about. I also learned of other conditions I should have been told about. So I will be filling another claim.

Veteran from Lakeland, FL

Did you Get What You Expected from the Training?

I was impressed with the detail given in the training. I expected a how to book, but got detailed instructions and the reasons why you do certain things

Veteran from Binghamton, NY

Yes, I thought the material was well presented in a very understandable format.

Veteran from San Rafael, CA

Yes, I received a whole lot more than the price I paid for the material.

Veteran from Hinesville, GA

What would you Tell another Veteran Who Can’t Decide Whether or Not to Purchase this Training Module?


I have been so impressed by the program that I am purchasing for 2 other Vets to help them.

Veteran from Lakeland, FL

It is a lot of work and no one is going to do it for you. If you want it, this is how to get it. No guarantees but can put your best foot forward and up your chances.

Veteran from Ft. Mitchell, KY

You could spend a lot more money on gas running around looking for answers and still have no plan on how to file a proper claim.

Veteran from Sarasota, FL

Even if you are not into doing things hands on you should know how things work.

Veteran from Spokane, WA

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