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veterans law bookstore openingThe idea of a blog fascinates me – the fact that we can reach 30,000 Veterans (yes, we topped that number in November 2014) through a single website is in a lot of ways, mind-numbing.

Every day that I work on this blog, I learn something new about how websites work.

Every day, week and month, I try to implement new technology and tools to make it easier for Veterans to find the information  they need to take back the power in their VA Claim.

This past weekend, I was able to incorporate a new tool into the Veterans Law Blog – this one is the Veterans Law Blog Bookstore.  

You can find it at – the URL is owned and managed by the Veterans Law Blog, and is part of an ongoing effort to migrate all of the VLB content to a single URL.


How the Bookstore Works.

Click on the link to the Veterans Law Bookstore in the purple Menu Ribbon at the top of the page.  You will be taken to a page that looks like this:

Screenshot 2014-12-16 08.40.20

From this page you can read about, view and download copies of any & all of our Veterans Law Guidebooks, Videos, Training Packages, and Forms.  

You can sign up for email alerts about upcoming new releases, like the massive Training Package we are releasing before the New Year – How to File a VA Claim

You can also see which books and packages I am offering discounts on.   For example, until Friday, December 19, 2014, week I am offering a 15% discount on orders of $50 or more:


Screenshot 2014-12-15 06.24.31



Here are some answers to questions  I know will be asked:

Why the different web address?

For years, the Veterans Law Blog has appeared on the website of the Attig Law Firm – – because I am the sole author and producer of this content, it made sense.

Throughout 2015, I will be moving the Veterans Law Blog to its own “stand-alone” website – 

I intend for it to be the first place that Veterans (and Veterans advocates) go to find out things like:

* the inner workings of the VA

* techniques and process for filing and appealing VA Claims

* a thumb on the pulse of the BVA and the Veterans Court

* practical tools and tips for improving your VA claims, etc.

No other attorney provides this kind of access  to and information about  the Veterans Title 38 Compensation Claims ‘regime’.   

Frankly, I have yet to find another attorney that connects with the public about a particular area of the law in the way that the Veterans Law Blog does.

The Veterans Law Blog – and the Attig Law Firm – are trying to disrupt the legal profession so that lawyers can learn how powerful a tool the internet is for fulfilling an oft-overlooked ethical duty – the duty to inform and educate the public on the law, the process of law, and the administration of law.

Is the Bookstore Secure?

Yes.  The technology behind the Veterans Law Blog bookstore is PCI Compliant – this is the top level of security that is available to an eCommerce store of this size.  


Does the Bookstore have a Paypal purchase option?

Not yet.  

I hope to add this option in 2015, but right now, we have to write some software to allow Paypal to efficiently interact with the store.

Do you offer any Veterans Law Guidebooks in hard copy form?

Not yet.  I am – as we speak – negotiating with book publishers to make the Veterans Law Guidebooks available in paper format, for those of you that don’t like reading eBooks.

What do you do with the revenue from book sales?

I’m not writing and selling Veterans Law Books to get rich.  

Frankly, if writing and publishing a book was free, I would give them to you for free.  But, since it costs money to research, write, publish and distribute these eBooks and Videos, I do charge reasonable prices for the knowledge and information and experience that is packed into these books and VA Disability claims training guides. 

But know this: every dollar of net revenue from the sale of Veterans Law Guidebooks goes – not into my pocket – but into a fund that pays for the resources to make MORE books available. 

Do you offer discounts?

The nice thing about this new bookstore is that I can offer MORE and better discounts.  Click on this link, and sign up for the Veterans Law Blog daily email, and I’ll send you announcements of special “email only” discounts.

And I will announce these discounts using the popups that appear on the Veterans Law Blog.

Where can I find out about new releases? 

Click on the “Coming Soon” link on the Bookstore Main Menu, and you will find a list of the books that I am working on and plan to release in 2015.

I am updating this section over the next couple of weeks – I am working on 10 new Guidebooks and VA disability claim and appeal training packages to be released in 2015.

I will release them based on the number of people that sign up for alert emails – if more people are calling for my Veterans Survivor Claims Handbook, I will work harder to get that released sooner.


What’s Coming in 2015?

My goal in 2015 is to make even MORE information available to help Veterans Take Back the Power in their VA Claim.  

I get emails every day from Veterans that are using this material to improve their claims and get out of the VA Claims and Appeals Hamster Wheel, like this one last week:

“I just wanted to write to let you know that because of your assistance we were able to apply and receive full disability benefits from the Navy…I just want to thank you mostly for giving me help  in a trying time…There’s not very much information out there on this issue, and you simply walking me through the steps and processes gave me great confidence in moving forward to file a claim.” 

Check out the Veterans Law Blog Bookstore, and let me know what other questions/feedback you have in the comments below.  



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