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ebook win your va claim

I suppose I could just flip a coin and decide what eBook to release next.  But that doesn’t help YOU.

Will YOU tell me which of these 4 Veterans Law Guidebooks you think is MOST likely t0 help you Improve your VA Claim?  

Currently, I am working on a dozen Veterans Law Guidebooks

Here’s what I would LOVE for you to tell me – which one is MOST important to you in your VA Claim? 

Tell me which of these Veterans Law Guidebooks YOU think will most help you Improve your VA Claim.

First of all…bookmark this page.  I’m adding new Veterans Law Guidebooks frequently…I have 8  more I haven’t even told you about yet!! 

YOU tell me which of these Veterans Law Guidebooks I should release first! Tell me which you think is most likely to help you improve your VA Claim.  

Read the descriptions  – follow the links to sign up for Pre-Release Announcements and Discounts –  then “Vote” by filling out the Form at the end of the post. 

#1:  How the VA views PTSD claims.


In this Veterans Law Guidebook, I plan to focus on the 3 most important elements of a VA Claim for service-connection of PTSD.  

I explain those elements in detail – translating the VA legalese that often stymies Veterans into useable and understandable step-by-step guides

Click here to learn more about what will be in the Definitive Guide to VA PTSD Claims and Appeals.



#2:  How to Prepare for your BVA Hearing

prepare bva hearingI shared my BVA Hearing preparation method with a pro-se Veteran, and here is what she said about my approach:

“Really appreciate the “down in the weeds” write up on the actual procedures!  VASD (VA stress syndrome) staved off for another day!”

–SB (Spouse of a 26 year Marine mustang who served in combat both in Vietnam and in the first Gulf War)

A few months later, I found out that because of the methods I showed her, she won her husband’s appeal at the BVA.

Click here to learn more about what I want to teach you in this Veterans Law Guidebook.


#3: The Veterans’ Survivor’s Handbook.

Veterans Survivors Handbook You Think Veterans Get Screwed by The VA?    The Survivors and Dependents get it even worse!    Here’s what the book will contain:

* What VA Benefits ARE available to Veterans Surviving Spouses and Dependents.

* Which claims do – and do not – “die” with the Veteran. 

* So Much More….

Click here to learn more about how to Protect Your Survivors and Dependents in this Veterans Law Guidebook.


#4:  Resources for Veterans with Military Sexual Trauma (MST) claims.

Cover06Ver02Recently, I had the opportunity to  meet with a Female Veterans Group. Two things became VERY Clear to me:

* There is a lot of bad information out there about proving service-connection of injuries related to Military Sexual Trauma (MST) Events

* Military Sexual Trauma (MST) Victims have EXTRA hoops to jump through in their VA Claims.

Its time to get together a Resource Guidebook to help Veterans with Military Sexual Trauma (MST) Claims get OUT of the VA Hamster Wheel!

Click here to learn more about the Veterans Law Resource Guidebook for Military Sexual Trauma (MST) Victims.



If you have any COOL title ideas for these books – or any ways I can help you IMPROVE your VA Claim – add them in the comment section below.  If I  use your title, I will send you a FREE copy of the eBook, and a special surprise that will recognize you as a “Veterans Warrior”.

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